Sculptural vase PV05 for the Celebrity Adventures event – Tuscan Nights 2022

Celebrity Adventures – Notti Toscane 2022, the charity event organized by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, took place in Forte dei Marmi, in which the Atelier Barberini & Gunnell participated, donating the PV05 vase from the Pieruga Marble collection. The vase was made of pure Statuary marble and signed by Maestro Andrea Bocelli.

The sculpture was auctioned on August the 1ˢͭ, 2022 by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

Artwork description:

The marble becomes silk, it almost seems to see it flutter in the hot summer wind, the skilled hands of the sculptor have managed to give it life. The velvety surface of the white marble creates a game of shadows, lights and volumes depending on the angle of observation of the artwork. The sculptural vase PV05, designed and created by Atelier Barberini & Gunnell, was sculpted entirely by hand, starting from a precious block of statuary marble extracted from the Carrara quarries. To complete the artwork, the vase is signed by Maestro Andrea Bocelli, making this sculpture a unique piece.


PV05, Barberini & Gunnell, 2022 – Statuary marble sculpture – 58 x 58 x H51 cm

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