‘Forza e Amore’ sculpture donated to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation

The sculpture entitled “Forza e Amore” was designed by the atelier Barberini & Gunnell and is inspired by Andrea’s greatest passion: horses.
The sculpture encapsulates two values that are very dear to him: strength, innate to the animal, and love, the real bridle that tames such energy.
This symbol of union and brotherhood represents not only the Maestro’s passions, but also the work of his foundation, which uses strength and love every day to help others. The piece was created by Henraux at its laboratories, thanks to the expert hands of the famous sculptor Renzo Maggi, who had the pleasure of working with one of the finest Tuscan marbles, Statuario Altissimo marble. It was donated by the entrepreneur Paolo Carli, who heads up Henraux, an industry leader that has been extracting and processing marble internationally since 1821, and by Arch. Francesco Barberini e MA Nina A. Gunnell.

The sculpture was auctioned on 12 July 2021, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

Forza e Amore, Barberini & Gunnell, 2021 – Statuary marble sculpture – 55 x 28 x H42 cm

20th anniversary of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation

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