Transistor modular shelf system

Typology: side table.
Material: extra-clear glass, anodized aluminium.

Smaller module – L 30 x W 27 cm.

A flash drive does not want to work, it refuses to show all data inserted;
Those who are not all too keen on computers and the attached technology don’t go along with this anymore and break the flash drive squashing it.

Amongst the many tiny pieces you can find its electronic heart, a pattern of thin silver stripes which we vulgarly call transistor. So much stuff fits into this alien brain yet being so small; incomprehensible for us. But one can try, we think, to reproduce this magic shape of lines and circles in order to obtain a modular library which can contain the impossible or nearly.

Transistor is the modular library with infinite possibilities. As in its principal electronic function, where it takes inspiration from, transistor gathers data and multiplies its contents magnifying them, thus the library is able to “compose” and “multiply” itself, without end.

The modular shelfsystem TRANSISTOR is produced and distributed by TONELLI DESIGN.