Typology: chaise longue.
Material: mirror polished stainless steel.
Registered copyright: ADI n° R.P. 2797

L210 x W113 x H77 cm

The Salon Art + Design, Park Avenue Armory, New York, 2018
ArtMiami, 1 Herald Plaza, NE 14th Street, Miami, 2018
PAD Monaco, Monte Carlo, 2019

Amorphous material devoid of soul, devoid of emotions, of life.
This sculpture takes shape from the ancient legend, a mass of shapeless steel, like a mountain capable of transmitting stillness but also a deep sense of respect, because now it seems to be docile, dormant, at the service of man, but beware, we do not know for how long.

Raw material, formless, existence that precedes the essence.
Steel melts, roaring bangs, joins violent piece on piece, sphere on sphere; unformed aggregate of cold steel material, disquieting monster. Imperfection leads to transformation, slowly forms, shines and silently begins to live.
What was created was the first spirit and idea of man who is now reflected on his polished steel, the dark monster that, observing it, will see the reflection of his evil soul.

Limited Edition, signed and numbered by the artists, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity