Typology: side table & chair.
Material: mirror polished stainless steel AISI 316, leather.
Registered copyright: ADI n° R.P. 2690

L56  W50  H82cm

The inspiration came from folding a simple piece of paper; the aim of the project was to reproduce this shape giving it body and resistance without losing the windiness of its curves. 
The pattern of the cushion recalls a zoomorphic shape, a living organism, animal or plant, parasite or symbiont, hugging the chair tightly, seeming to grow on it in contrast to the coldness and hardness of the metal. 
It feels that, leaving the room for an undefined time, one could at his return find the chair completely overgrown by this parasite organism, taking over the hard metal. 

Tipping over the chair it turns into a side-table which also contains a magazine rack.

Limited Edition
signed and numbered by the artists, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity